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About One Book One London

One Book One London is London Public Library's new city wide initiative to celebrate reading and experiencing one book together as a community. Starting February 27, 2017 all across the city, Londoners are invited to read, listen to and talk about the same book. In honour of Canada's 150th anniversary, our chosen title is Etta and Otto and Russell and James by Emma Hooper, a book that celebrates the Canadian landscape as 82 year old Etta walks from her farm in Saskatchewan to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We invite you to take up the challenge individually or with friends and bring Etta's journey to life. So lace up your shoes and get walking!

The Walk One Book initiative is just one of the great ways that Londoners can get involved in One Book One London. Connect with other people on the journey using #1book1ldn and join in the conversation on our social media sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?
Sign up using the Participate page

How do I register a team?
Want to walk with friends? You can choose to register as a team! Teams should assign a captain, who will calculate and log all activity for team members using one login. We suggest no more than 10 members per team.

When does the challenge begin and end?
Etta starts her journey on February 27th, 2017. Join Etta and start walking on February 27th, or any time after! Etta reaches Halifax on October 2nd and this will be the last day on which you can log your activity.

How far is Etta’s walk?
Etta walked a whopping 3,232 kilometres through the Canadian landscape as an 82 year old, often subsisting on no more than packages of ketchup, relish and crackers!

What is the formula used to translate your activity into distance on the map?
One hour of walking is equal to 10 kilometres. One hour of running is equal to 20 kilometres. One hour of reading is equal to 5 kilometres.

How can I include distance from my wearable fitness tracker?
To calculate your kilometres into hours, divide the number of kilometers by 5. For example, if you have walked 20 km that equals four hours on the map.

How often is the map updated?
The map will be updated daily to track Etta’s progress on her journey, and in real time to reflect your progress. On our interactive map, Etta walks 14 km daily. In the book, Russell estimates that she might walk 20 km daily.

What places are noted on the map?
Most of the locations noted on the map are places that Etta encounters on her walking journey. The exceptions are Minnedosa, Saskatchewan and Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. These places were chosen as our best “guesstimates” for where Etta would have crossed from Saskatchewan to Manitoba, and from Ontario to Quebec, based on geography and Etta’s walking distance.

How did we choose this book?
In recognition of Canada's 150th anniversary, we chose a recent Canadian title that might be new to readers, available in many formats and reflected the Canadian landscape and shared Canadian stories such as Otto’s reminisces of WWII. We love this story as it intertwines themes of walking, our natural landscape, creativity and questions around the journey that each of us takes. To borrow a copy, visit us online at the London Public Library or your neighbourhood library branch.


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